"Instructions for Preparing Human Meat for Eating" by Nicolas Claux - Vampire of Paris
graphic painting of Charles Manson's skull on The Holy Bible - prayer to Satan

Nicolas Claux - Vampire of Paris
murderer - grave robber - cannibal
3/22/02 - released from prison after 12 years
artist - paints portraits of serial killers
markets his artwork on a yearly calendar
Cannibal! The Musical
directed by Trey Parker

creator of South Park

Satanism and Witchcraft:
The Classic Study of Medieval Superstition
by Jules Michelet

The Book of Satanic Quotations
by Matt Paradise

grave robbery by Nicolas Claux - tools & techniques
- for the "entry level" ghoul -

Wicca for Beginners:
Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice
by Thea Sabin

True Vampires:
Blood-Sucking Killers Past and Present

by Sondra London

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