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A BABE IN THE WOODS by Cary Stayner
"Yosemite Sightseer Murderer"

wrote Richard Allen Davis

letter from Manson

"Railway Killer" former public enemy number one, Angel Maturino Resendiz, makes alarming predictions for the future of mankind.

 osama's revenge! by Patrick Kearney "Trash Bag Killer"
 stock option formula - math genius invents quicker method

cannibals cookbook & "entry level" ghoul grave robbery by Nicolas Claux "Vampire of Paris"
General Manuel Noriega - prisoner of war.

The Night Stalker

"Happy Face Killer"
Keith Hunter Jesperson

"Coast to Coast Killer"  - Tommy Lynn Sells

"Gainesville Ripper"
Danny Rolling

exclusive! - all new artwork by Richard Ramirez

January 25, 2010

Richard Ramirez hobby gift store - death row - san quentin state prison
exclusive! all new artwork by the Night Stalker

added jan 2010

"I need money on my books, my info is not for free."
Anthony Sowell - "Cleveland Strangler" - jan 20, 2010
11 counts of murder - enters plea of insanity

View original artwork by R. Downey
Bug & Stars - based on a letter from Charles Manson
I Was Out Of Matches
TV MAN comics, and favorite links
Serial Kidders - color the 'Manson Family' for fun.
Haight Ashbury Free Press
the trippy tale of Ricky Bear Cub.

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foreword by Vincent Bugliosi
afterword by Charles Manson
Garth Powell

R. Downey

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I am a Fugitive from
a Georgia chain gang!

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