Manson Family Picnic

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture - The Indoor Bible
by Jorge Cervantes

This is the trippy tale of Ricky Bear Cub who takes to the road after getting a "discharge" for "chemical dependency" from Mean Mister Eagle's toxic waste dumping navy. Beautiful illustrations by R. Downey cleverly support Garth Powell's witty & whimsical text. But the best part about this bizzare children's book is the fun you'll have with a box of crayons and a packet of felt-tips, no kitchen table should be without a copy. If you have children that don't know anything about LSD, Nixon, the Manson family, the Black Panthers, and the whole human be-in that was the sixties then you might want to think seriously about buying them a copy. I was personally transported to that otherworldly plane of existance known as the 5th dimension of hyperbolic psycho-reality by the subtle currents of parody and irony that course through the seemingly innocent veins of this book. I didn't really understand the afterword by Charles Manson, but then I doubt he does either.

reviewd by Carlton Oberon

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