polite letter from General Manuel Noriega - dated 22 mar 1999
"thank you" card from former First Lady Barbara Bush

General Manuel Noriega - military dictator of Panama from 1983 - 1989
overthrown in dec 1989 by President George H. W. Bush - detained as prisoner of war after US invasion
convicted in 1992 for cocaine trafficking, rackateering, and money laundering - received 40 year sentence

America's Prisoner:: The Memoirs of Manuel Noriega
by Manuel Noriega and Peter Eisner

Barbara Bush - former First Lady - 1989-1993
husband - President George H. W. Bush  
as Commander in Chief of US military
arrested General Manuel Noriega - dec 89

The Good-bye Door:
The Incredible True Story of America's
First Female Serial Killer to Die in the Chair
by Diana Franklin

Witch: The True Story of Las Vegas' Most Notorious Female Killer
by Glenn Puit
Women Who Kill: Profiles of Female Serial Killers
by Carol Anne Davis

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